Via Innovation Lab Project #1: The Theology Art, the Art of Theology

On December 29th, the Via Innovation Lab had its first experiment. A group of 6 faith leaders, led by an art professor, ventured into the Black Mountain College exhibit at the Ohio State University. The goal of the project was to explore works of art in a manner that might help one innovate or create more artistically in areas of faith and spirituality.

The group toured the art exhibit for an hour, spending the last bit of time highlighting the piece of art that impacted them. The group listened as each person shared what drew them to the work of art, and most importantly, what their own takeaway would be.

Once the group finished in the exhibit, they walked across the street to the Lab. The next hour involved a collective project to create a work of art, together. On the wall in one of the rooms, the group agreed upon a color scheme and theme, and began working.

At the heart of the project was one word: harmony. After the completion of the project, faith leader, Adam Long, noted: 

“Harmony requires difference. Notes that are in harmony are not the same tone. They are different tones that are complementary. In our faith communities harmony also requires difference in personality and style. Each denomination, church, and movement has its own tonal center.” 

The wall marks, not only a collaborative piece of art, but it is also marks the commemorative project of the Via Innovation Lab.

The pictures above were taken from the first project. (12/29/16)

The finished wall at the Via Innovation Lab. (Abstract)

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  1. HI All,

    I think this is a great idea! I am imagining doing something like this in my church community. Thinking about how much “professional” art leadership needed to get it going. Maybe a little guide book from you all would be enough? Keep those innovative ideas coming. God is still creating!!

    Thee cheers!!!

    1. Post

      Hey Stephen,

      Thank you for your comment! We do not think that the level of professionalism is of utmost importance. Perhaps someone that has a background in art, whether in studies or creativity? As far as a guide book, we will talk about that and get back with you about what we come up with. God is still creating, indeed!

      The Via Innovation Lab Team

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